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GoProYoga Retreat for Elite Spirited Basketball Players

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GoProYoga Retreat for Elite Spirited Basketball Players

Time & Location

May 31, 3:00 PM – Jun 04, 12:00 PM
Hotel Riu Pravets Golf and Spa Resort, Quater Ezeroto, 8, 2161 Pravets, Bulgaria

About the Event

The program is called GoProFlow. The content includes:

themed yoga practices;



GPF is specifically created for basketball players and provides a space to train and practice their game in a manner which transcends beyond the physical plane.

GoPro is the practice and knowledge of what it takes to go pro, be pro, maintain professionalism and reach ones potential in ones game within the game. GoPro is a yoga practice in which a player will actually play their game and practice being in “The Zone” on their mat.

A complete practice that includes the fine tuning of the athletes:

SPIRIT- confidence, courage, self validation, consideration, etc.

MIND- intelligence or IQ, stratagem, clarity, focus, concentration, present moment etc.

BODY- strength, elasticity, resilience, length, health, energy, vitality, movement mastery, etc.

GoPro transcends to focus on the players’ Spirit and Mind utilising the Body; which, in my professional opinion IS the difference that separates below average from average; average from good; good from great; great from excellent.

It is the individual’s excellence that allows them to maxx out. As a former player, I know what it’s like to have a superior talent yet a wounded spirit and therefore a distracted mind. At that point the body is useless. GoPro gives the player the tools to reverse this condition.

GoPro brings the Spirit Mind Body together in balance and the player into the wholeness of their existence. When a player is in the wholeness of their existence, this is being in The Zone that every player has perhaps experienced and/or know about. This is when the player becomes the Force they are meant to be or they are searching for.

GP will accept all levels of practice as GoPro revolves around ones breath flow and the lingo, terminology and dialogue will not be so yogic but instead pertinent to basketball while fusing the philosophies in a manner that translates off the mat to the court/life. The project is to attract elite spirited basketball players in which GoProFlow is offered to give them the edge they are looking for.

The retreat is open to amateurs (college & lower division clubs) and Pros, men and women. The only requirement is to be elite in your spirit and open in your mind as the retreat will not serve as a daycare center. It is designed for those that are passionate about the game, want to maximise and can fuse seriousness with fun to equal passion. To demonstrate the same prowess for the mat as for the court because they are one in the same. They are parallel and synonymous.

The price includes:

  • 4 nights in a luxury hotel
  • all inclusive meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • pool, SPA and wellness zone
  • fitness facility (weights, cardio and machines)
  • 8 yoga practices
  • 4 meditations


Our Pre-Game is chakra meditation. Thru stillness and a conscious connected piloting of our breaths flow, we will ignite each of the 7 chakra centres and relate each one to an applicable aspect of our beautiful game. The chakras most often referred to are the seven main ones that we will explore. These energy centres have influence on your mind and body, therefore keeping them vibrant is key for physical, mental, emotional well-being and an effective way to prepare for your Game.  

The Game 

The Game is a physical practice referred to as Vinyasa. Vinyasa emphasises the sequential movement coordinated with and guided by the flow of your breath. The Vinyasa practice becomes a moving meditation that creates strength, freedom and fluidity in your body and mind and brightness of your spirit. In this practice you will play/practice/refine your basketball game. We will identify the player, the game, the court, your skill set, and energy vs. Distraction all dwelling within you and play it out on your mat with keen awareness and precision.


Yin yoga targets your connective tissues – ligaments, joints, bones, and the fascia networks of our bodies. A players training regiment is usually very rigorous so IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BALANCE YOUR YANG with YIN!!!  

Fascia, functions to allow the muscles to move you through gameplay, is the framework of your form and glue that holds you together. As one works on their muscles (yang, solar, heat) it is equally important to work on keeping ones’ glue healthy, elastic, resilient and strong. Ignoring the Yin aspect can lead to fascia and connective tissues to become dehydrated, stiff and weak which can open you to injury, immobility and weakness. Yin (lunar, cool) Yoga has the ability to change our connective tissue, promote relaxation and restore fascial fluidity by applying light pressure on our connective tissues by surrendering to gravity and taking muscle activation out of the equation. Strengthening your fascia through Yin Yoga boosts your range of motion, flexibility, strengthening muscle, lengthening muscle, blood circulation to muscle/connective tissues, enhance lymph movement and decreasing the probability of the injury. In this practice we will use props such as pillows and we will be in each posture from 3-5 minutes touched with positive visualization and affirmations.

*** Please, bring your own Yoga mat.

Peace and light. 

C A L M T I V I T Yoga 


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    Yin Yoga

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