Jason Anderson Joins Udaya.com for GameDay Yoga







Udaya has dropped the first video from the GameDay Yoga series.  The class is a PreGame Flow with an emphasis on Mobility and Freedom of Expression with Fluid Decision and Action.  Here is a clip of the practice on Youtube.   You can practice to the full practice on Udaya.com   Peace


Just returning from Sophia, Bulgaria.  This was an awasome experience as I filmed 12 classes with Udaya for GameDay Yoga.  The process was smooth and every class was one take!


I had great students.   I had a great Director by the name of Jason Reim out of L.A.  and great Musicians in DJ Sol Rising and Deepok.  I had great wardrobe.  Nothing could go wrong.  It was perfect.  It was such a release to complete this phase as I have played it out in my mind for 8 months prior to making it happen. Positive visualization during practices, dynamic or restorative, is how this beautiful experience played out.  it was just as I expected and nothing less.  Now I am even more polished than before and ready for what lies ahead with esteem and valor.  Bring it on baby!!!


Everyday is a GameDay and EveryOne is a Life Athlete, some of us just happen to play sports.  The classes are designed to simulate a GameDay in that PreGame classes are desighned to start your day.  TheGame classes are to simulate whatever your game is whether it's basketball, running errands, the workplace, the home, the family,etc...  PostGame offers the opportunity to close your GameDay in recovery and reflection to get ready for the next GameDay.  EVERYDAY IS A GAMEDAY!!!


The practices are fluid and divided into waves so that one can mix and match to creat your own practice if you'd like.  GameDay is soooooooooo Dope! and for all levels. 


I will update you all when they are ready to drop on Udaya.com




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