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My monthly 108 series is in full effect for 2017 leading into the actual New Year of the Spring Equinox and Beyond.  We began our Journey on December 31st of 2016 with a traditional 108 Sun Salutation A ceremony in which we themed it according to 4 corners of Earth (health, environment, family and prosperity). We dev ided the number 108 into 4 sets of 27 and each set was dedicated to a corner of earth to complete our square, foundation to build upon.  The next event will take place January 28, 2017 from noon to 1:30pm with Sun Salutation B and featuring First Warrior.  Building upon out foundation, we implement the first warrior of decisiveness, certainty and Valor as demonstrated through forward facing belly, heart and intuition.  However we will journey 54 times as each time will feature a right and left and also two vinyasa's on our way to completion. We are always slow paced, graceful in movement and relaxed in our face courtesy of our Precious sustenance and Life giving Prana.  So graceful that we will actually be stillness in motion and meditation in motion.  Register at  Lift Yoga.  See below for the ongoing schedule for the last Saturday of each month moving through and finishing in May 2017.  Peace and Light as always - Jason DaCalmtivity-Pro 


February 25  -  Second Warrior 

March 25 -  Peaceful Warrior

April 29 - Extended Sword Warrior 54

May 27 - Triple Pose - 2nd Warrior - Peaceful Warrior - Extended Sword Warrrior - Prasarita Pottotanasana 

*54 = 108*



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