Meditative Vinyasa

 In 2015, I completed a 12 class series called GameDay Yoga with the Basketball Athlete in mind.  You can practice the entire series now! on  Go to my Facebook page @CalmtivityYoga for a free 30 day subscription.  Anyway, although GameDay Yoga was inspired by my background in Basketball as a serious competitor, the same principles apply to everyday life as GameDay is Universal and accessible to everyone in many shapes forms and fashions.  GameDay Yoga spawned  a new 12 class series filmed this past summer in Borovets, Bulgaria titled Meditative Vinyasa.  Meditative Vinyasa is an extension of GameDay yet the classes vary in length at 30, 40 and 50 minute classes.  The first installment was recently dropped on called Self Sufficiency Flow. There is also a clip of it on YouTube.  Check it out here!


Meditative Vinyasa is your exploration and your self study from your divine and even mythical true and perfect presence courtesy of each and every prana flow.  In knowing who you are, taking the journey as such and  honoring your prana, you are allowed to witness objects within your perception, the habits, tendencies and instincs they inspire and ultimately become refined and savvy-er in your realm to master decision and action process. However, it doesn't stop there and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Go on an authentic odyssey of your internal world, which reflects your external world, while tending to your physical body to enhance your spiritual and mental bodies.  Thats all for now, Peace always and Keep Flowin' - Jason DaCalmtivityPro








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